• Maleic Anhydride Grafted Pe Wax

    Maleic Anhydride Grafted Pe Wax

    Ethylene   maleic  anhydride    copolymer   in    powder   form .    Non-polar    polyethylene  was functionalized  with  0.5%  maleic  anhydride  to  achieve  a  saponification   (SAP)  value  great then   5 ,    resulting    in   low    molecular   weight   copolymers    with   both   non- polar  and    polar properties .  Maleic anhydride enhances adhesion ,  making  it  ideal for adhesive applications . Low   maleic   anhydride   content,    better   thermal   stability   than    competitive   products   and products   with      higher     maleic      acid    content.      Enhances      the     adhesion      of    carton coatings/ saturators   to     paraffin-based     coatings,       improving     moisture     resistance      and compressive  strength.  It  is a d ispersant for color  masterbatch  in olefin  resin  system .  It  can improve  the  compatibility  of fillers  and   resins,  and   improve  the  appearance  and  physical strength  of  products.

    Product Name: Ethylene  maleic anhydride copolymer

    Grade: MP573


    Property Value
    Mettler  Drop  Point 105 - 108
    Viscosity @  140 ° C 1000
    Saponification# >5
    Hardness <5
    Density 0.92


    Product Available Form:   White  Powder

    Product Packaging:   25 kg bag

  • Asphalt Modifier To  Improve the Road Performance

    Asphalt Modifier To Improve the Road Performance

    The main purpose of adding modifier in asphalt is to improve the road performance of asphalt mixture at high temperature, reduce the permanent deformation at high temperature, improve the performance of anti-rutting, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and anti-cracking at low temperature or increase the anti-fatigue ability at low temperature, so that it can meet the requirements of traffic conditions during the design period.

  • Polypropylene Wax (High Melting Point Wax)

    Polypropylene Wax (High Melting Point Wax)

    Polypropylene wax(PP WAX), scientific name of low molecular weight polypropylene. The melting point of polypropylene wax is higher (the melting point is 155~160℃, which is more than 30℃ higher than polyethylene wax), the average molecular weight is about 5000 ~ 10000mw. It has superior lubricity and dispersion.

  • Chlorinated Paraffin 52 For PVC Compounds

    Chlorinated Paraffin 52 For PVC Compounds

    Chlorinated paraffin 52 is obtained by the chlorination of the hydrocarbons and consists of 52% chlorine

    Used as flame retardant and secondary plasticizer for PVC compounds.

    Widely used in the production of wires and cables, PVC flooring materials, hoses,artificial leather, rubber products, etc.

    Used as additive in fireproof paints, sealants, adhesives, clothe coating, ink, papermaking and PU foaming industries.

    Used as metal working lubricants additive, which known as the most effective extreme pressure additive.

  • Chlorinated Paraffin 42 For PVC Plastic

    Chlorinated Paraffin 42 For PVC Plastic

    Chlorinated paraffin 42 is a light yellow viscous liquid. Freezing point -30℃, relative density 1.16 (25/25℃), insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents and various mineral oils.

    As a low-cost auxiliary plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride; used as a plasticizer and has flame retardant, widely used in cables; mainly used as flame retardant for plastics and rubber, waterproof and fireproof auxiliaries for fabrics, additives for paints and inks and additives for pressure-resistant lubricants.

  • Fully-refined Paraffin Wax For High Frequency Porcelain

    Fully-refined Paraffin Wax For High Frequency Porcelain

    Paraffin wax, also known as crystalline wax, is usually white, odorless waxy solid, is a kind of petroleum processing products, is a kind of mineral wax, is also a kind of petroleum wax. It is a flake or acicular crystal made from the lubricating oil distillate obtained from crude oil distillation by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing or by wax freezing crystallization, press dewaxing to make wax paste, and then by sweat or solvent deoiling, clay refining or hydrorefining.

    Fully refined paraffin wax, also known as fine ash, is white solid in appearance, with lumpy and granular products. Its products have high melting point, less oil content, no bonding at room temperature, no sweat, no greasy feeling, waterproof, moisture-proof and good electrical insulation.

  • Semi-Refined Paraffin Wax For Candles

    Semi-Refined Paraffin Wax For Candles

    Paraffin wax is white or translucent solid, with melting point ranging from 48°C to70℃. It is  obtained from petroleum by dewaxing light lubricating oil stocks. It is crystalline mixture of straight-chain hydrocarbons with characteristics of low viscosity and good chemical stability,as well as water resistance and insulativity.

    According to the different degree of processing and refining, it can be divided into two kinds: fully refined paraffin,and semi-refined paraffin.We offer a complete range of fully refined and semi refined paraffin waxes, with both slab and granule shape.

  • Polyethylene Wax For Road Marking Coating

    Polyethylene Wax For Road Marking Coating

    Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) is a synthetic wax, it is commonly used in a variety of industrial applications including coatings, master batches, hot melt adhesives and plastics Industry. It is known for its low toxicity, excellent lubricity, and improved flow and dispersion of pigments and fillers in plastics processing.

    Hot-melt road-marking coating is the most widely used road marking coating currently, because of poor application environment, there are high requirements about the coating on weatherability, wear resistance, anti fouling property and bond strength.

  • Polyethylene Wax For PVC Compound Stabilizer

    Polyethylene Wax For PVC Compound Stabilizer

    Polyethylene Wax (PE Wax), is widely used as an effective processing aid and surface modifier in hard plastic products. Due to its excellent lubricating properties, it can be added to plastic formulations to improve melt flow and lower processing temperatures, thereby increasing productivity and reducing energy costs. In addition, PE wax can also improve the surface properties of the final product, such as scratch resistance, gloss and water resistance, making it ideal for rigid plastic applications such as PVC pipes, profiles and injection molded parts.

    It is also used as one of the important formulation components by the PVC compound stabilizer factories.

  • High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax (HD Ox PE)

    High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax (HD Ox PE)

    High-density oxidized polyethylene wax is a polymer material that is formed by oxidation of high-density polyethylene in air. This wax has high density and high melting point, with excellent anti-wear and chemical corrosion resistance, it can improve the performance and service life of the product. HDPE also has good formability, so it is easy to process and handle in the production process .

  • Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch Wax (Ox FT )

    Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch Wax (Ox FT )

    Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is made from fischer-tropsch wax through oxidation process. The representative products are Sasolwax A28, B39 and B53 of Sasol. Compared with Fischer-tropsch wax, oxidized Fischer-tropsch wax has higher hardness, moderate viscosity and better color, it is a very good lubricant material.

  • Maleic Anhydride Grafted PP Wax

    Maleic Anhydride Grafted PP Wax

    Propylene maleic anhydride copolymer, with SAP # of 18, in pastille form. The functionalization of a non polar polypropylene, with maleic anhydride, provides the low molecular weight copolymer with both non polar and polar characteristics. The grafting of maleic anhydride provides polarity without polymer degradation, such as oxidation will. The maleic anhydride provides the ability to boost adhesion making it very suitable for adhesive applications, including those that are aqueous. The low level of maleic anhydride,  aids thermal stability versus the competition and more highly maleated products. Used as a coupling agent in composites and filled polymer systems.

    Packing:  2 5 kg/ bag,  PP or kraft  paper bags

    Product  Name:  Maleic Anhydride Grafted  PP Wax

    Grade:  MP1325





    Test  method


    Mettler Drop Point


    ASTM D3954



    CPS ,140℃


    ASTM D1986- 91



    mg KOH/g


    ASTM D721





    ASTM D  5





    ASTM D1505


    Product Form


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