• Asphalt Modifier

    Asphalt Modifier

    Wax has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, as an asphalt modifier can quickly combine with asphalt and improve the asphalt components, so that the asphalt resistance to flow to improve the ability to significantly improve the rutting resistan...
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  • Powder Coating

    Powder Coating

    Faer Wax plays the role of texture and matting in powder coating: when the coating film is cooled, the wax particles precipitate out from the coating liquid and migrate to the surface of the coating film, producing the effect of pattern and matting. In powder coating, di...
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  • Filled MasterBatch

    Filled MasterBatch

    Faer wax has good lubricity in the process of filling masterbatch. 1. It can effectively solve the precipitation phenomenon of filled masterbatch products; 2. It can effectively reduce the smoke generated in the production environment, reduce material consumption and imp...
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  • Road-Marking Coating

    Road-Marking Coating

    Hot-melt road-marking coating is the most widely used road marking coating currently, because of poor application environment, there is high requirements about the coating on weatherability, wear resistance, anti fouling property and bond strength. Our Faer wax for road-...
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  • PVC


    Faer wax is the ideal lubricant for PVC processing, It can not only coating-protect the PVC particles to reduce the thermal degradation but also could solve the problem of PVC and machine surface adhesion, therefrom to improve the extrusion effect and the surface finish ...
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  • Color Masterbatch

    Color Masterbatch

    In Color Masterbatch production, wax was often used as a dispersing and wetting agent, the quality of wax could influence the quality of color masterbatch to a great extent. Faer wax has lower thermal weight loss, and it's molecular weight distribution is more concentrat...
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  • Hot-Melt Adhesive

    Hot-Melt Adhesive

    Faer wax is the ideal viscosity modifier for EVA hot melt adhesive, Its welcomed by customers for the characteristics of high melting point, low viscosity and pure white color. Faer Wax Technical Index Model No. Soften poi...
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