Color Masterbatch

In Color Masterbatch production, wax was often used as a dispersing and wetting agent, the quality of wax could influence the quality of color masterbatch to a great extent. Faer wax has lower thermal weight loss, and it's molecular weight distribution is more concentrated. For color masterbatch customer, We could provide the wax with best melt viscosity to bring better pigment dispersion effect.

Faer Wax Technical Index

Model No. Soften point Melt Viscosity Penetration Appearance
FW1100  106-108℃ 400-500 cps(140℃) ≤1 dm(25℃) White powder

Packing:  25kg PP Woven Bags or paper-plastic compound bag

Cautions handling and storage:stored at dry and dust free location at low temperature and protected from direct sunlight

Note:due to the nature and application of these products the storage life is limited.therefore,to obtain the best performance from the product,we recommend use within 5 years from sample date on the certificate of analysis.

Notice this product information is indicative and does not include any guarantee


Post time: May-20-2023