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Coal chemical makes for environmental protection economy
Date:2021-7-14  click:840

Inner Mongolia abounds in coal resources. There are more than 100 patented technologies in coal processing and utilization. Using coal to produce oil, olefin, methane, ethylene glycol and dimethyl ether are major projects in the autonomous region.

At present, the local coal chemical industry is building a modern industry system featuring diversified development and multipolar support. Many modern coal chemical projects are breaking through, and they are products of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. Inner Mongolia's development strategy has clearly proposed to transform the region into an important modern national coal chemical production demonstration base, with rising modern coal chemical projects across the region.

Industrial worker's devotion

Cen Xuanyi, head of Jiutai Energy Inner Mongolia Co's electrical engineering department, is in charge of 16 maintenance workers, as well as safety checks and equipment operations at nine production sections and life zones in the northern area.

Cen said that the electrical engineering department carries an extensive range of responsibilities and heavy workload with complex and delicate details. Cen often warns coworkers to pay attention to small details.

The power distribution cabinet at each work section directly matters to the normal operation of production equipment, so Cen will pay extra attention to electric-related facilities in daily routine inspection. He upholds the work principle of more maintenance and less repair.

The company sits in the new Dalu district of Ordos' Jungar Banner and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiutai Energy. It covers an area of 73.3 hectares, began construction in August 2007 and went into operation in October 2010. Now, the company has 1,380 employees and can produce 1 million tons of methane and 100,000 tons of dimethyl ether.

Cen never slacks off no matter how trivial and complex the work is.

He urges others and himself to pursue quality and keep improving. Legendary rise of coal chemical industry

The new Dalu district is a main coal chemical development area in Erdos. It is home to towering plants and a well-developed transportation network. The district has produced one coal chemical legend after another.

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