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Introduction of hot-melt road-marking coating
Date:2017-1-16  click:5970

    With the high requirement of fast and environmental protection of modern construction and abrasion resistance, weatherability and durability of road marking, hot melt road marking coating with low cost has become the first choice in China. The most important performance of good hot melt road marking coating is bright whiteness and liquidity during construction.

    The film forming of hot melt roadmarking coating does not depends on the solvent volatilization of paint, but physical condensation curing. The application scope and usage are  expanded year by year because of its characteristics of quick drying, durability, abrasion resistance and night reflection. It is most suitable for the urban road and the major highway artery with large traffic volume. In China and other countries, it is also applied on the highway as the reflective marking.

    Hot melt marking paint is a kind of road marking material produced by using the thermoplastic petroleum resin as binder, high-quality fillers and additives as auxiliary. The road marking line coated with it has the advantages of fast drying, easy construction, good reflection and long service life etc. According to different production standards, hot melt road marking coating is classified into Chinese Standard (including formal Chinese standard , derivative Chinese standard), American Standard, British standard and custom standard. Customized coating is a coating that improved the wear resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, adhesion and other properties while maintain the basic performance of the coating to meet the different needs of customers in different regions.

    The characteristics of hot melt road marking coating:

    Adhesive property: Unique formula design could maintain the good adhesion with the road. Coated the primer before the construction could make the coating and the road more integrated.

    Skid resistance: The hot melt road marking coating contains anti slip material and could make it has good anti slip performance which could maximize the safety of driving and meanwhile the leveling property will not be effected.

    Reflective performance: According to the sedimentation rate of glass beads in the coatin,select high quality glass beads with different coating ratio and stable refractive index, mix it evenly in the coating, Combined with the mixed type glass bead sprinkled on the surface of road when constructing could ensure that the new and old line always maintain a good reflection effect.

    Fast drying: According to the temperature, humidity, subgrade conditions and other construction conditions, the coatings produced by different formulations will be used to make sure to keep excellent drying rate and antifouling performance. 

    Stability: Using the raw materials with excellent light and thermal stability, also add the Anti UV Auxiliary, ensure that the marking line can keep the original color and gloss for a long time even in the areas  with strong illumination condition.

    Anti micro crack:  Micro crack of marking line is a big technical problem for road marking coating industry both at home and abroad. After a long term research by scientific researchers of our company, we found that by adding resin and functional materials which has high thermostability to marking coatings, could solve the micro crack problem completely.

    Technical parameter:

    Base material: Thermoplastic petroleum resin

    Proportion: 2.0KG/KG

    Solids by volume: 100%

    Solids by weight: 99.8%

    Volatile Organic Compounds: None

    Theoretical Coverage: 4-5KG/㎡

    Drying time of non stick: 5 minute(23℃)

    Softening point: 90-120℃

    Color: White, Yellow (customization of other colors is acceptable)

    Storage: Dry, cool and free from direct sunlight

    Shelf life: one year

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