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TGIC-free powder coating provide cost-saving benefits
Date:2017-1-13  click:2035

    TGIC-free powder coating options are available and are being used by manufacturers worldwide to achieve the same durable finish benifits as TGIC powder coatings. In fact, there are several advantages to the newer thchnology. It offers not just exterior durability, but enhanced mechanical performance, as well as flow and leveling properties.

    TGIC-free powder coatings provide cost-saving benefits to finishers by offering superior first-pass transfer efficiencies. Companies that have converted to TGIC-free based coatings have documented first-pass transfer efficiency improvement of as much as 20 percent, with 10 percent being the minimum improvement usually documented. This means more powder transferring to the part and less going into the recovery systme. If powder is sprayed to waste, these are real dollar savings to the finisher. If powder is reclaimed, the reduced amount of powder that is sent through the reclaim system means a reduced amount of fine particles(less than 10 microns) produced during the sieving operation. Smaller reclaimed particles may reduce transfer efficiency as they inhibit proper fluidization and are less likely to hold a proper charge.

    Any complex part with interior edges and corners may be coated more efficiently with TGIC-free powder coatings. These products will penetrate into Faraday cage areas much more efficiently that TGIC powder coatings. Feed air pressures also can be substantially reduced, as not as much time and effort is required for those hard-to-coat interior corners.

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