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We believe that faer-wax provides not just a product, but also a long-term developing plan with customers, we use our advantages to make a mutual win-win situation with our professional and sincerity, hope to become your partner on the way to success.   We integrate the senior experts and superior products in wax industry, with passion and dream, with high quality product and detailed service, change for customers, innovation for customers, all above build our unique competitive advantage. We cooperate with many well-known enterprises like PetroChina, Sinopec, ShenHua Group, Mobil, Henkel, and so on. We will continue to provide you with cost-effective products just like we serve them.   For over ten years, We always follow our company spirit: Faith, Absorption, Enthusiasm, Regularity to Maintain characteristics of Faer wax; For over ten years, we kept changing China's wax products with our professional knowledge and make our dream that become a well-known wax enterprise come true. In the future, we will continue to focus on research of wax product, and we hope that through our effort, Chinese wax industry will have a great development and then enhance influence of Chinese wax products in international market.
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